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"Hits all the right notes - and some you don't expect. A great account of the music game story so far!"

Mike Snider, Entertainment Reporter, USA Today

"An exhaustive compendia. Chocked full of fascinating detail..."

Alex Pham, Technology Reporter, Los Angeles Times

"It'll make you want to celebrate by trashing a gaming unit the way Pete Townshend destroys a guitar."

Jason Pettigrew, Editor-in-Chief, ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"I've never seen such a well-collected reference... it serves an important role in letting readers consider all sides of the music and rhythm game debate."

Masaya Matsuura, Creator, PaRappa the Rapper

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Jermaine Hall, Editor-in-Chief, VIBE

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Lawsuits. Scandals. Billion-dollar payouts. Giant plastic Stratocasters.

Welcome to the weird, wild and whacked-out world of music video games - every bit as glorious and gonzo as the legendary bands and songs which have inspired its hard-partying ways.

Rocking its way to the top of the video game charts faster than any genre before, music and rhythm gaming had become a $1.7 billion industry and certified breakout hit by 2008. But despite heavyweight co-signs by acts like The Beatles and Metallica, inspiring millions of everyday fans and transforming the very face of pop culture, the genre had all but single-handedly sunk the game industry's fortunes just a year later.

Chronicling the meteoric rise and fall (and rise again) of music video games, Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming's Greatest Hits of All Time is the first book to explore the field's history, origins and most spectacular hits and flops. Offering an inside look at rhythm gaming's hottest headliners and oddest one-hit wonders - including exclusive tour stories from the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band - it's your backstage pass behind the scenes of the games industry's hottest act.

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